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By Attending Our Events
We have weekly, monthly, and yearly activities schedule presented for the benefit of all who wish to attend. You are welcome and encouraged to participate as individuals , families, and professional, or community groups.  Many generously contributed by donating and loaning financial resources to establish this center.  We encourage you to grow together by participating in our events.

By Volunteering 

Usually, volunteering is considered as something that gives young members to collect community service hours. But this is an area that people are able to  use, enhance, and develop their soft skills and spiritual progress. Since we just established this new center within the latter half of 2021 there are many areas that we need your help. As your time permits please contact us.


Donations given in-kind  can be the preferred way of donating to the temple for some of you.  We invite you to contact us.

If you have means of providing useful in kind contributions, please get in touch with us.

Financial contributions

Based upon Buddhist principles we develop our activities without being a burden to our sponsors.  Our goal is to achieve the wellness and happiness of all. Generosity is the first virtue found in the ten Buddhist Perfections.   Your generosity is beneficial as a joyful experience as well  as a significant part of your training to reduce attachment. We depend on the financial contributions  by the members, well-wishers, and friends of the Message of the Buddha..  We appreciate your financial donation which is used for temple maintenance and upgrade.

Zelle , Venmo
805 758 2028

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